Thursday, January 10, 2008

Call For Contributions

I started the IMS Lantern 9 months ago, and since then published about 50 posts, which essentially try to explain and demonstrate how IMS can support innovative services and provide an innovative approach to access existing services.

The IMS Lantern is being read by people representing the whole array of organizations and companies involved in the telecommunications, including traditional operators, innovative service providers, state agencies, all the traditional equipment suppliers, many application service providers, IT companies, universities and research centers, consulting companies, and individuals having an interest in new technologies.

These organizations, companies and individuals have ideas, develop prototypes, demos or products making use of IMS and its capabilities.

What I would like to do is spreading information about what is being done or what could be done, that exploit what IMS and SIP can offer to deliver innovative services.

If you have something like this (an idea, a white paper, a demo, a product, a patent application), please contact me. I will post whatever information can be provided to me, with links to external documentation and web pages.



Aayush Bhatnagar said...

congrats for the half century (50 posts)
we are also developing an end to end IMS solution at our company..I will share our ideas with you. Right now we are at the High level design stage.

Claudia said...

I like very much your post!!
It is very interesting and helpfull
I am beginning in IMS in our company , and I will share also our ideas in the future

Anonymous said...

IMS interop with WebServices will be fine topics to study (at least to full fill my gap :-)

Jason said...

Hi Christophe

Great blog. I will write an article about the cable space and the trials and tribulations sometime down the road.

I would be interested in taking your class. Im an independent consultant also, and looking to expand my depth.

Let me know how to contact you.

Christophe Gourraud said...

Hi Jason,

I would welcome a contribution on the cable space as my background is essentially mobile and partly fixed oriented, but not cable at all.

You can send an email to me by clicking on the "View my complete profile" link at the bottom of the "about me" section on the side bar.


Jack Chrysler said...

I tried this and it fits my needs.

Frederico Faria said...

Hi Christophe,

A really interesting blog. I started working with service composition and would like share some ideas with you.