Tuesday, June 19, 2007

IMS Public User Identities (IMPUs)

There might be a few interesting things to say about IMS user identities.

As you certainly know, there can be two sorts of IMS Public User Identities (also known as IMPUs): tel URIs (e.g. tel:+1-234-456789) and sip URIs (e.g. sip:user@operator).

(Note that a SIP URI with an E.164 number in the user part and a parameter "user=phone" is the equivalent to a tel URI and will be treated as such by the IMS core network)

Tel URIs: Smooth Migration From Legacy Telephony

In IMS, tel URIs may be used to address an IMS user or a user in the legacy circuit-switched network.

When the tel URI corresponds to an IMS user, the core network entity called S-CSCF (Serving Call Session Control Function) will be able to resolve it into a SIP URI, thanks to a DNS extension called ENUM,. It will then proceed with the routing of the SIP request within the IMS.

When the tel URI corresponds to a circuit-switched user, the S-CSCF's query to ENUM will fail to resolve the tel URI into a SIP URI. The S-CSCF will then route the call to the circuit-switched network through an appropriate gateway.

Consequently, using a tel URI an IMS user can set up a call with another IMS user or with a legacy telephony user.

Tel URIs also permit IMS users to be called from the circuit-switched network. The CS network routes the call to a voice gateway, which sets up a voice session in the IMS using the original B-party number to form a tel URI. The IMS core then resolves the tel URI into a SIP URI of the IMS user.

In order to support interoperability with the circuit-switched network, IMS users will need to keep legacy phone numbers for years, even if they use SIP URIs in parallel.

SIP URIs: The Future of User Addressing

SIP URIs should eventually dominate and replace phone numbers as the way to address other users in some years from now.

This steady migration from telephone numbers to alphanumerical SIP addresses will be a fundamental element for different types of convergence:
- Convergence between fixed and mobile communication, as mobile and fixed -segregated phone numbers will be replaced by access-agnostic SIP URIs.
- Convergence between telecom and Internet communication, as both can use SIP and SIP URIs.
- Convergence between SIP-based communication (e.g. multimedia sessions, voice, instant messaging) and email through the possibility to use the same address between SIP and the email protocol (e.g. sip:John@service_provider vs. smtp:John@service_provider).

IMPUs Identify Users, Not a Specific Line or Device!

There is a major difference between IMS and pre-IMS addresses. While pre-IMS phone numbers are usually associated to a unique line or device, IMS IMPUs relate to end-users.
In a pre-IMS world, mapping a legacy phone number to multiple devices is an added-value feature requiring a specific implementation in existing fixed and mobile networks.

In contrast, the possibility to concurrently assign an IMPU to multiple devices is a basic IMS feature, supported by the IMS core network (i.e. S-CSCF), without the need for a specific support in the application layer. The dynamic allocation of an IMPU to one or several devices is performed through the IMS registration procedure.

In addition, the possibility for IMS to support multiple access technologies (e.g. cable, xDSL, cellular wireless, non-cellular wireless) makes that an IMPU can concurrently be shared between multiple fixed and mobile devices (e.g. fixed phone, PC, set top box, mp3 player, mobile phone). This is fixed mobile convergence at the user and network level.

Multiple IMPUs for One User

IMS specifications permit a user to have several IMPUs. It is up to the operator to decide how many IMPUs a user will be allowed to have.

Different IMPUs may serve as aliases. These IMPUs are totally inter-changeable, as they are associated to the same set of services and are transparently associated to the same devices. The user may use them to differentiate between different groups of contacts (e.g. friends vs. strangers). A user will typically have a tel URI as alias to a SIP URI (see above).

Different IMPUs may also permit the user to endorse several persona (e.g. member of an association, owner of a private business). In this case, the IMPUs may be associated to different service profiles, and possibly to different devices (but they can also be associated to the same).

One IMPU for All Services, Across All Devices

A feature that may seem to conflict with the previous, and might actually be more essential, is the possibility to associate a single IMPU to virtually all the services of a user.

IMS and SIP can unify all real time 2-party and multi-party person to person communication (e.g. voice, video, instant messaging, deferred messaging), blend communication, content and data together, and support access to user data and information (e.g. presence, user profile, various event packages permitting to access and monitor user-related data and events).
All these communication/content/data services can be accessed through a single user IMPU, which is independent from the devices and access technologies being used. Moreover, if this IMPU corresponds to the user's email address, you can then finally have a unique address on your visit or business cards, and this address may provides access to more services than all the old ones put together.

More Enablers for Services

The possibility to access a plethora of services through a single IMPU can also be extremely beneficial to services themselves.

Consider the following example (which may not be that interesting from a service perspective, but this is not the point).

John sends an electronic birthday card to Mary through IMS deferred messaging (i.e. the message will be delivered to Mary as soon as she is able to receive it). A service associated to John intercepts the SIP service request, extracts Mary's IMPU from it and generates a presence request on behalf of John and addressed to Mary's IMPU. Mary's presence server answers with a set of information related to Mary, according to John's authorization to access it. This information may be very rich about Mary, the means and addresses to communicate with her, her devices, the applications she uses, and various availability and preference information about them. John's service may use this information to suggest additional or alternative ways to deliver the electronic birthday card (e.g. email). It may also suggest to store elements of this information in various repositories, such as John's address book.

This example shows that even if a an IMS subscriber still makes use multiple identities and addresses (for instance addresses related to Internet services), one of them may be used as the key to dynamically discover all others.

It also shows that a service which had never heard about a user can discover a whole lot of information about this user and use it for the delivery of sophisticated services. In the example, I used presence, which by itself can be a very rich set of information, but this could be extended to much more than this.



sofiene said...

Hi Christophe,
Very interesting spot that puts some order in the definition of the IMPUs.
That raises two questions for me:
1- Do you really feel that the fixed mobile convergence is a real need from the user perspective. I mean that personnaly I already have a mobile phone number, a fixed phone number, a professional email adress and two other personnal email adresses; and I prefer to keep these worlds separated !
2- Doesn't this future convergence raise concerns about "privacy" since it gives to your operator full access to all your professional and personal communications and data?
Thanks for all the coming topics which seem to be very interesting

Christophe Gourraud said...

Hi Sofiene,
Thanks for your steady support.

1- The beauty is that the user can decide what it prefers. It is possible to have different IMPUs, and if this is your wish, to use one for your fixed devices and another one for your mobile phone. Why not?
Personally, I find it interesting to be reachable on any device using one IMPU, but I could imagine having one IMPU that I dedicate to a single device. Or a single contact person. Or a single type of media (possible through callee capabilities and caller preferences).
Therefore, IMS would permit you to keep your worlds separated or to merge them.

2- I think that IMS and SIP can gather and distribute a huge amount of information about users, whether IMS is used for convergence or not.
This is a situation very similar to what is happening currently on the Internet, with strong concerns being expressed about how companies preserve the privacy of their users.
Operators will have to be very careful about it, but this can also be an advantage for them. Most operators have a strong trust relationship with their customers, and ensuring the security (IMS is a secure network) and the privacy of their customers can be a strong argument in their favor. More especially when you compare to services offered by cyberspace companies which are often subject to legislations you do not even know about.


Paul said...

Hi Christophe,

Nice post once again, very stimulating. It made me think about some practical issues that should be faced to manage properly a set of devices registered for the same IMPU.

I mean, some of them could be able to present an incoming comunication or service of some kind to the user and some not. But IMS forking feature would make the request available to all them, so how would they know it?

Let's suppose there is a filter or something in each device that makes it ignore or reject those requests it doesn't understand (and in case of rejection further considerations should be made about how IMS Core should handle the response). Even then, there would still be a conflict between those devices able to handle the request.

I'm thinking of services that causes an "automatic" action such as fax-like ones. A kind of fight is likely to start and the information could be printed in any of them or even both.

Moreover, for those services in which the user is able to choose the device to be used, such as calls, the mere fact of alerting would create a lost-call record in every device and for every call that is not answered using them (which would be annoying), unless they're informed somehow that another device is being used for that purpuse.

Probably they're not the best examples, but what do you think of all this? Are practical issues concerning new services and procedures IMS makes possible already resolved or will they be faced later, as IMS is deployed effectively?


Christophe Gourraud said...

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the feedback.

The forking procedures for a SIP INVITE ensure that the SIP proxy (S-CSCF in IMS) will cancel all the pending requests once one of the endpoints has accepted the session. However this might not be enough to address your concerns, more especially when some of the endpoints are automatas, that could compete with human being -controlled endpoint.

Therefore, a more complete answer would make use of two very important IETF RFCs (used in IMS), that I should reference on the blog. In the meantime you can search them with the link to the RFC search page (numbers are 3840 and 3841).

RFC 4596 provides examples of how these features can be used.

These RFCs specificy so-called "callee capabilities" and "caller preferences".

Callee capabilities permit a SIP endpoint to declare its capabilities to the SIP proxy (S-CSCF for IMS) during registration. Such capabilities can relate to supported SIP methods, media types, applications, or other properties, like the fact that the endpoint is an automata or a mobile device.

Caller preferences permit the calling endpoint to decribe how forking should be performed (both general forking behavior and matching criteria based on the callee capabilities). Using caller preferences, it would be possible to define that a SIP request should first be forked to non automated endpoints, then to automated ones.

I will dedicate a post to these features, which are very important for the future of IMS-based communication, but in the meantime I encourage you to read these RFCs.


Asker said...

Nice article.
As I know, the SIP version used in IMS is a refinement of IETF SIP and at this time, they cannot interoperate.
So I have a question want to ask you: How can we make an IMPU (sip URI, says user@ims.com) to work together with a SIP ID (says user@sip.com)?
(This is called federation, that is a user can forward calls between his identities no matter what they are based on IMS or SIP)

Hope to get your experience about this.
Thank you.

Asker said...

Hi again,

I just want to make my question more clear. The sip URI or IMPU user@ims.com is an ID used in mobile environment (eg. GSM) with IMS-enabled, while the (pure) SIP ID user@sip.com is an ID of a IP-Telephone.
So the question I asked is about how can you forward (federate) calls from user@ims.com to user@sip.com and vice-versa? (since you are supposed to user user@sip.com at home and user@ims.com at company, and sometiems you want to receive calls from your company's device at home's device).

Christophe Gourraud said...

Hi asker,

First, I would like to correct two things:

1) IMS SIP and IETF SIP can interoperate. Even if IMS uses proprietary SIP extensions, these extensions do not prevent interoperability between IMS and non-IMS clients, this is a requirement that 3GPP always tried to ensure. For instance, even if IMS uses a more complex session establishment procedure than standard IETF SIP, an IMS client is mandated to revert to standard IETF procedures if its peer does not support the IMS one. See my April 2007 "Does IMS Create a Walled Garden?" post on the subject.

2) IMS is also part of the fixed Next Generation Network standards through ETSI TISPAN. Consequently, you cannot assume that the user does not have a fixed IMPU. In an IMS-based converged network, a user could even share the same IMPU between fixed and mobile devices. See my April 2007 post on FMC for more information.

Now, if the same user has both an IMPU owned by a telecommunications operator and, say, an Internet SIP URI, the IMS operator can provide a forwarding service permitting to forward the request to the Internet SIP URI. A similar service can exist on the Internet side.


kostas said...

I would like to ask a question about the format of public identities in IMS. Until now I only see examples where a user with IMPU "user_a@operator1.com" calls a user with IMPU "user_b@operator2.com". The routing of the initial request is based on the DNS reply on the "operator2.com" entry. Can a user register an IMPU like "user@service.com" or any other URI with no "operator.com" information? If yes how does the DNS resolves the "service.com" entry to the network (I-CSCF address) position of the end user?

Christophe Gourraud said...

Hi Kostas,

The operator is in full control of the IMPUs and domain names its IMS network will serve.

Therefore, it is possible that a "service.com" domain is usable with a specific operator, if this operator decides it wants to do it.

You may for instance imagine that the operator supports enterprise services for "Company_Y" and provides to the company its own "Company_Y.com" domain that DNS will route to the operator's IMS.

It will be the operator's policy to decide which domain names it accepts and who can ask for some.


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Christina said...

After reading all these exciting things, I really wanted to know how can we have a single Service profile for a user which can have multiple IMPIs and IMPUs. For example the user has several devices from which it can log in. Suppose a user has a mobile as well as a handset(capable of connecting to IMS)and a PC having internet access, Fixed TV. In this case the subscriber will subscribe to a total service package and it can get all the appropriate services via appropriate end devices

hazard said...

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Hello Everybody,
My name is Mrs Sharon Sim. I live in Singapore and i am a happy woman today? and i told my self that any lender that rescue my family from our poor situation, i will refer any person that is looking for loan to him, he gave me happiness to me and my family, i was in need of a loan of S$250,000.00 to start my life all over as i am a single mother with 3 kids I met this honest and GOD fearing man loan lender that help me with a loan of S$250,000.00 SG. Dollar, he is a GOD fearing man, if you are in need of loan and you will pay back the loan please contact him tell him that is Mrs Sharon, that refer you to him. contact Dr Purva Pius,via email:(urgentloan22@gmail.com) Thank you.


1. Name Of Applicant in Full:……..
2. Telephone Numbers:……….
3. Address and Location:…….
4. Amount in request………..
5. Repayment Period:………..
6. Purpose Of Loan………….
7. country…………………
8. phone…………………..
9. occupation………………
11.Monthly Income…………..

Email Kindly Contact: urgentloan22@gmail.com

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